About me

I was first inspired whilst watching wheel engravers at an Austrian Glass factory but did not take up Glass Engraving until the early nineties.
Patricia Hilton-Robinson A.F.G.E
Patricia Hilton-Robinson A.F.G.E

I qualified as a Teacher of Physical Education but had an interest and family background in Art. Initially I did not take this interest any further, apart from a few paintings in the Middle East and a foray into Chinese Brush Painting whilst in Hong Kong. In all I spent 20 years in the Middle and Far East with my family.

I tried a few of the glass engraving hobby kits over the years but with little satisfaction. It was not until I learnt about the Guild of Glass Engravers whilst on holiday in Cornwall, that I really started engraving in the early nineties. I was lucky enough to fit in lessons with Tracey Sheppard when home on leave each year, and under her guidance my love of glass engraving developed. The first time I used a polishing wheel on my engraving I was captivated by the changes that appeared before my eyes. It was just as magical as watching the colours appear in the Magic Painting books of my childhood

I held my first Exhibition of Engraved Glass in Beirut, Lebanon. This was memorable as it was disrupted by a minor earth quake!

Since returning to the UK I have continued to expand my experience under the tutelage of a wide range of engravers including Gill Mannings Cox, the late Simon Whistler, the late Jiri Harcuba, Christian Schmidt and Alison Kinnaird.

I was elected an Associate Fellow of the Guild of Glass Engravers in 2002 and was also Chairman of the Guild from 2005 to 2008.

I now enjoy engraving in a number of disciplines, Intaglio, Cameo, Graal, using a variety of tools and methods including drill, sandblast and stipple. I also plan to use diamond wheel in the near future.

I moved to Cornwall in 2019 and have set up my studio at my home in Portscatho